Mid Summer Bladez for Mike

We're coming into July and everyone is ready for some summer swell, no one more ready than Mike who just got these fresh two blades, both of which i think got the seal approval by the Lay Ohana.

On the left we have a 7’10 Lynch inspired midlength - I had been thinking about this one for a while  after watching some old youtube videos, in my head its a mini smooth mover, in fact it’s not a million miles from a custom I made for a guy called Sean last year that I loved.. Mike surfs boards like this so well and i just wanted too make something a little longer in the mid size range with a traditional look and feel too draw some different lines on.. its glassed in 10oz volan single layer each side and as a 9" Greenough 4A glassed on.

And on the right we have a 5’6 Sunfish Stage 2 I’ve dubbed 'Dark side of the moon' featuring a massive concave deck running from the nose and out the tail - round nose - step/chine rail - with a mix of vee, single and double barrel concaves underneath this is the MK2 to the green one i made him last year, just thinned out even more and with a little less chine on the step rail in the hope of making it a little more user friendly at slower speeds/in weaker waves.. Also bearing marine ply wood glass ons and shaped out of a Polyola Blank - which is a recycled polyurethane blank which are produced in Europe, the foam has a cool creme color too it and the blank was surprisingly nice too shape, had a good density too it and held a nice rail shape with the screen, so im excited too see how this holds up and too possibly add Polyola as a construction option too our range..

link here for more Polyola blanks info

more soon.

- HB

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