• TOY BOAT - Shaping trip 2024

    Our mate Trevor of Toy Boat is coming across the pond too shape some surfboards on the farm with us.This trip will be super limited custom order's.. So get in touch with Rob at ROMA too reserve a spot and avoid disappointment..roma@romasurfshop.comcatch you soon! - BOS / DREAMLAND GLASSING View Post

    JONATHAN ELLERY X HUGH BROCKMAN (BOS) An exciting new collaboration between artist Jonathan Ellery and Hugh Brockman, which will become an Edition of 5. THE BRIEF: Create a Clean / Functional / Timeless surfboard with Jonny's Type font work in bold.- We started with my LB3 template, function over... View Post

    Hello, BOS Nation!- I shaped the last board of the year today - a 9’8 Midnight Express Tripple stringer which got me all emotional spiritual, whilst i stood back and took it all in - Reflecting on how much i really do love making surfboards..   ----------------------------------------------------... View Post