FEBRUARY MIX TAPE 23In moments its felt like spring has come early in other moments its felt like winter will never end, all i know is the factory is ticking over and we've had some fun builds as of late and the surf has been good, really good, in-fact probably the best run of surf i can remember... View Post
  • Factory Life Vol.1

    I thought this year it might be fun too introduce some Factory Life Elements here - think of it as an all inclusive behind the scenes look into the factory / building boards / and all things BOS.. View Post
  • Jan Mixtape 2023 Mullet Head Takeover

    Here's our Jan 2023 MixTape - by our very own Mullet (Sam) - For those that don't know he's a man of many talents -  he's our best apprentice ever, resident ding guy & chief of graphics guy, who sports what only be called the BEST mullet in West Penwith.. Anyhow, kicking things off for the... View Post