We pride ourselves on being custom board builders, weather its one of our models but with a different tail/construction/color or perhaps something a little more 'off menu' whatever it be, we're always up for it! Custom orders have the highest priority in our factory. Depending on the work load at the factory it can take between 3-12 weeks, and can be picked up locally from our factory just outside Newlyn or shipped. For shipping please see FAQ section, for prices please see our price guide.

*Expedited manufacturing options are available – please contact us for more info. 

custom board builder clock here.

Or if you want too go 'off-menu' or have a specific build in mind feel free too get in touch via our contact page

If you've never ordered a custom before thats also totally cool, it can be a little confusing as there's a lot of options and a lot of ground too be covered, so here's a little more about it for those interested that want some help:
  • Name on Stringer
  • Height & Weight
  • Local Spot

Name on Stringer - We've started with the last detail first, seems fitting.. so if you would like your name written on the board fill out the box with the name you want, weather its your first name, last name, nickname whatever it is just type it in. (nice custom touch, pretty standard with most good custom board builders)

Height & Weight - This is just for our reference, for example say your my size (6'1 and 100kg) and ordering a 5'7 x 18 x 2 - 20L F2 model, red flags might be raised, which means we can get in touch just too double check the order before we continue (saves you money, saves us time).

Local Spot - Let us know your local spot / where you plan on using your new custom board, this helps us build your board for your local waves and/or your desired purpose of use, always a helpful bit of knowledge for us.

Next up we have the good stuff.. the shape details.

  • Model
  • Length
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Tail
  • Construction
  • Shape Extras

Model - you can select which model you want too order, if you wish to go a little more off menu you can email us direct, if not then select the board model you wish in our board builder,

Length - here you can select the desired length for your new custom.

Width - here you can select your desired length, the builder will automatically select the default width/thickness for the selected length, you can if you wish change this too what your requirements are.

Thickness - same deal as the width, it should be preloaded in our default dimensions, which you can roll with or change as required.

Tail - We offer lots of different tail shapes over most of our range, if its not on the board builder (prime example the twin pin, sometimes people order with a diamond) then feel free too reach out via email and we can pencil in an order over email.

Construction - Here you can select your construction, we offer a few different constructions regular PU ((USblanks or Arctic foam)), regular PU core with Epoxy resin glassing, EPS with Epoxy resin glassing, and our new Dark Knight carbon fiber/epoxy construction.

Extras - the finer parts of making it yours.

(third section) - Glassing, the second most important section too shape details!

  • Fin System
  • Fin Set Up
  • Glassing
  • Glassing Extras
  • Color
  • Finishing

Fin System - here you can select the fin system you want on your custom, we only use the genuine boxes direct from each manufacture (no fake boxes here) we offer: Futures, FCS, FCS2 and also 10.5" Fins Unlimited (FU) Fin boxes in both black and white and we also offer Glass On Options too.

Fin Set Up - Here you can select your fin set up or configuration, we offer everything from thrusters to bonzers to twin fins, whatever you desire we can fulfil.

Glassing - here you can select your glassing weight on your board, we exclusively use Hexcel and Aerialite fiberglass combined with Silmar polyester resin and Entropy epoxy resins, usually we do a single layer of glass on the bottom (4oz or 6oz) and then a double layer on the deck (2x 4oz or 1x 4oz + 1x 6oz)
we offer the following stock lay ups (custom lay ups available, please specify in additional info section at bottom of page)

  • Team Light - a single layer of 4oz S-Glass on the bottom side and single 6oz S-glass on the deck, this is the lightest glass job we offer, in terms of performance the light glassing feels great, very nice and responsive! in terms of durability its extremely fragile and prone to breaking these are disposable and not reccomended at all.

  • Performance Regular - this is our go to glass lay up for performance boards, it features a single 4oz bottom with a double 4oz deck, light but fairly durable.

  • Standard - a great option for those that like a little extra strength without adding too much weight, featuring a 6oz bottom for strength and a double 4oz deck too keep the weight down, this is my go to option for performance boards longer than 6'2

  • Medium - this is our recommended option for durability without going overboard on the weight, it has a 6oz bottom with a 4oz + 6oz deck, its strong, wont dent too much and the 6oz glass looks wicked with resin tint color jobs!

  • Strong - for those that prefer durability over lightweight performance, we have a 6oz bottom with a double 6oz deck, very strong, recommended for  strength or heavy footed surfers that need more durability..

  • Glassed too Last -  Our final stock glass choice, 6oz + 6oz bottom with a 6oz + 6oz deck lay up, very strong, very sturdy, best suited too big wave boards or those that like a bit of swing weight/durability in a board.

Glassing Extras - another drop down menu, here you can find additional glassing extras, we offer Volan, S-glass options...

  • Volan - without going into too much detail, is basically a specially treated cloth which has a better bond with resins (some glassers will agree some will disagree with this statement, but i believe the bond from VOLAN is better), it has a natural green/grey glass kinda color too it and looks very classic in clear and also holds resin tint color very very nicely too, a solid option for those that appreciate the details.. available in 4/6/8 or 10oz weights

  • S-glass - regular surfboard glass is called E-Glass, S-glass is just like E-Glass but it has a tighter weave, thus making for a stronger board. its harder too make and thus wildly more expensive than regular E-glass. i find it can be a little stiffer in multiple layers so i like too use it on the bottoms for strength and then use regular e glass on the deck.

Color - We offer a few different ways too add color too your board, from sprays too resin tints.

    • Spray - We don't do many sprays, we have too outsource too another factory, but its a service we can offer, its all quote only, but if use the add photo section at the very bottom of the form and attach a drawing/photo of what you want we can arrange a quote for you which we can bill separately.

    • Resin Tint - our preferred color method of choice, a classic way of adding color, we add tint or pigment too the resin during the lamination process of the board, the colors pop and dont fade as much as a spray and they have a nice texture from the glass too, we offer everything from straight up single colours too cosmic resin swirls.. as the color is added to the resin during the lamination process we can color 1 side or both, its worth noting the color will wrap around the rails onto the other side as we lap the fiberglass around the rails for strength.

    • Resin Pinline - we do our pinlines in resin the traditional way, they look great and set colors off great! please provide pinline color(s) in the additional info box at the bottom. please note we charge per set of lines with pinlines. - wont show up in the board builder, feel free too drop us an email for this..

    • Resin Panel - Just like pinlines we do them the traditional way with resin, you can do a nice panel in block solid color, they look great cross ways and length ways, please specify colors in additional info box. - wont show up in the board builder, feel free too drop us an email for this..

Finishing - this is the last part of the production process, we offer a range of different finishes, from matte sand through too full gloss and polish. all our boards are gloss coated and then we offer matte/wet and dry sand finishes or polish, no lacquer here...

  • Matte Sand Finish - this is our standard sand job and my personal favourite, its an orbital sand finish some would call it a satin finish, a little more durable / scratch resistant than a wet sanded gloss, it has a unique look and possibly slightly better performance attributes as the 'rougher' matte finish arguably has less friction with the water and is supposedly faster making it a favourite with our team!

  • Wet Sanded Gloss - or what some would call a 'shop sand' it is what it says on the tin, a wet sanded gloss usually too about 600G - it is nice and smooth with a little bit of shine too it, we call it the shop sand as this is the finish shops used too normally go for, the boards look great in the racks as they have a little more 'POP'

  • Full Gloss & Polish - all sanded and buffed out too a crisp reflection bearing polish finish, these take a lot of time and work but look beautiful, a true testament too craftsmanship, but also comes with a hefty price tag. - I've always been told, if you take care of a polish it will take care of you... e,g, dont scratch it/drag it up the beach, chuck it in the van, store it in a bag and look after it and it will stay looking beaut...

- Exactly as it says on the tin, this is your chance too add in any additional info and or comments with your order..

- If you would like us too give you a tinkle once we have reviewed and processed your order don't be shy of leaving your phone number..