- Do you ship, or how do I get a board in another country?
Yep we can ship, not a problem at all! we charge a £20 boxing & packing fee per board, this way we can make sure the board is sufficiently packaged and will be safe. shipping prices tend too change a lot, but below are a few estimates based off previous quotes! shipping one board can be expensive, so if possible its best to put in an order with a few mates and split the shipping cost together!

Personal Delivery By Us - £40 (anywhere in Cornwall)
UK delivery - £100 (shortboard) £125 (longboard 8' and up)
Europe - £125 (shortboard) £175 (longboard 8' and up)

-USA £150 (shortboard) £250 (longboard 8' and up)
-Australia £150 (shortboard) £300 (longboard 8' and up)
-Japan £250 (shortboard) 

Please note orders shipped outside of the UK may be subject to charges including customs, handling, VAT & duty

How long does shipping usually take?
-shipping for mainland u.k. takes approximately 1-3 working days.
shipping for Ireland/rest of Europe is approximately 3-5 working days
shipping for the rest of the world is approximately 7-14 working days, depending on shipping method, but its best too contact us first for an exact shipping price quote and ETA.

- How too order a custom?
There's a number of ways to order, what ever is easiest for you works for us:
Call/Text/Send a message
Feel free to reach out- typically texts are easiest to get a quick response- I try not to pick up the phone while I’m working on other boards, but if you leave a message, I WILL call you back.  Email is also really good for me too, typically i respond to emails early morning and late evening (before and after factory hours).
Too Schedule an Appointment:
We’re located on a farm just behind Newlyn,  If you’re more comfortable talking through an order in person, and are able to make the trip over, feel free to reach out via phone, text or email and set up a time.
For custom orders we require a £200 deposit up front, you can pay the deposit in our store when you select custom deposit, or in person if you swing by the factory we take cash and/or card, or alternately my accountant can send over an invoice if you wish do do bacs.
-Once your deposit is received, you blank will be ordered the next business day.

- How long does a custom order take?
It depends on the time of year and amount of orders I've currently got in line, usually summer is busy and winter a little slower (Christmas being an exception); Once I have a deposit and your order's details nailed down we're usually running on 3-12 week range, i will try my best to give an ETA on timing when you place your order.
What boards do you have in stock?
we have a good range of stock boards too hand, if you head over to the online shop section you can see whats currently available, or if you head on over to the factory you can also see whats available and also whats soon to be available!

Which Surfboard Model do you recommend for me?
- We try to give as much relevant information as possible on each of our individual board model pages and throughout our blog, however sometimes a bit more info is necessary, feel free too get in contact and we can help with some suggestions too steer you in the right direction!

Will my board come with fins?
No, Our boards generally don’t come with fins, (unless otherwise stated on that boards product page) but, we have a range of fins in stock, you can purchase from our online store (here)

Can I pick it up in person?
- Of corse, we're at the factory 6 days a week, so when we let you know that your board is all finished up we can easily set up a time to meet for the hand off.

Can you rush boards if i need it for a specific date and didn't order in time?
- Of corse! we can rush an order or make sure its done on an exact date/timeline (if sooner than the ETA we provide at time of order) all for an extra £100 (subject too availability on blanks etc.)
How does pricing work?
-Each model has a base price, which comes with a clear glass job, matte sand finish, fin boxes and leash plug/fixing. please see our extras pricing page for specifics on whats on the menu.

anything else we've missed or you want too know please feel free too get in contact!