Building the perfect surf adventure scrambler wasn’t as hard as you might think, and riding it down to @wheels_and_waves was a dream come true for @louieleprevost_barber - hit the link in bio to open up the throttle and ride on!

With a set of spanners, a few knocks of a hammer and a bit of YouTubing we’ve managed to transform our very own @royalenfield Interceptor 650 into the perfect surf adventure scrambler.

We’ve fitted a beautiful prototype surfboard rack and tiny speedo from @baakmotocyclettes, upgraded the pipes to a meaty 2-1 @sscycle can, fitted some seriously knobbly @continental.tyres and strapped on a @wingmanoftheroad Goose roll out motorcycle tent, ready for those early morning strike missions.

The incredible @imagedesigncustom killed it with one of the raddest custom paint jobs around and @bossurfboards created a twin fin dream machine to match.

The final delivery of bolt on parts is heading our way from @badwinners to kit out the Beach Hopper with some custom handlebars, a new seat and tail tidy, finished off with a killer front headlight. Watch this space!

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