Here at BOS we have always been passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring the endless possibilities of surfboard design. As innovations and makers, shamefully we've delved into the realm of asymmetrical surfboards all but a few times now 
with various degree's of success, It seems there is a formula, which i seem to grasp a better understanding of each time i make one - You see the tricky thing with ASYMETRICAL boards is it goes against everything i've ever known and been taught.. For the most part i spend my life making surfboards as symmetrical as humanly possibly, so making something intentionally asymmetrical l is a bit of a mind fuck too say the least..


Any-who It just so happened we ended up with a slot for an extra 5 boards in one weeks production, usually we fill these with stock runs, but Jacob had just dropped some boards off for trade in and we got talking about ASYM's and it got me pumped too try some ideas - what perfect timing, i had a few miscut's sitting about the bay and it seem'd like an ideal opportunity too dive into some Asymmetrical surfboards again and see if we can learn a little more..

My intention here is i have effectively made 5 boards in a range of conventional goofy and regular footed platforms - 2x fish - 2x OG and one neutral OG - i'd like the goofy footed rider too ride his Goofy footed set up boards consistently for a while and likewise the regular footed rider too ride their board's for a few weeks and then i'd like too swap them over so the goofy footed rider is riding the regular footed set up and vice-versa - why you ask? - i'm intrigued too see what happens - its not the most scientific of experiments, but one none the less, ASYM"S have always been a hard sell here in the UK especially in Cornwall (predominantly beachbreaks) as there's a misconception (IMO) that they only work going one way, thus ideally on point breaks..

So in no particular order here is the lowdown:

- 6'3 x 20 x 2 1/2 -
- Regular Foot - TWIN -

6'3 longrail and 6'1 1/2 short corner to corner - This one comes from an OG file, it has a 4" offset nose and 2" offset tail, which has pushed the widepoint somewhat up from center so its a little fuller in the nose, we then have an OG squash tail heel side and Swallow toe side, single concave with a slight double and a touch of vee on the toe side (I really like vee out the back of HP twins) with an inset single channel in the nose, rails wise hard edge runs a little higher and the rail itself is a little lower on the toe and the heel is a touch softer.. this one i went for a pure twin as i thought the twin will be less visualy's odd compared too the other fins set ups when we switch the boards between riders..

- Glassed 4 / 4 + 4(s) in regular PU -

- 6'2 x 20 x 2 1/2 -
- Goofy foot - QUAD -

6'2 longer rail and 6'0 1/2 shorter corner too corner - Also an OG file as the origin, this one is 2" off set tail and a 2" offset nose, so this one has the squash tail on the heel side and has the rounded pin curve on the toe side but ends as a swallow kinda, with slightly thicker and rounder rails on the heel side and a bit lower/more pinched on the toe its also thinned out somewhat on the toe rail in the tail, bottom shape is an inset single channel in the nose, into concave most of the board and then a touch of double into the fins - set up as a quad my thinking here is it can be ridden as a twin, or a typical asym twin/quad - so going full quad placement left options for both goofy and regular footed riders.

- Glassed 4 / 4+ 4(s) in a new ISO resin blend i've been playing with -

- 5'8 x 18 1/4 x 2 3/16 - 
- 3 Fin - Both -

This one is also an OG template it has a 2" offset nose and a square/squash tail - i've moved the fins around a bit so can be ridden ideally as a twin with a trailer for some reason this seemed like a combo when i templated it up.. whilst being as asym it is indeed for either goofy or regular..  inset single channel in the nose with single concave into double out the tail.. low/pinched rails.

- Glassed 4 + 4(s) in PU -

- 5'7 x 20 1/4 x 2 1/2 -
Goofy Quad/Twin

This is where things got a little more complicated - offset swallow tails are v confusing, at some point the stringer becomes not the center point.. so these are 3" off set swallow tails, which are 1/2" offset from center, this one comes from a Fish Taco file and i've kept the nose the same but altered the tail and rails on each side, actual shape is off center and the rockers are asym too (vee one side and not the other) the toe side is longer and drawn out and a touch more tapered in the rail shape and feel where the heel is shorter and fuller/more forgiving, bottom shape has a single concave entry into flat into concave and then double vee, and is set up as a quad / twin, twin for loose and quad for tight.. 

- Glassed 4 / 4 + 4(s) in regular PU -
- 5'7 x 20 1/4 x 2 3/8 -
Regular Quad / Twin

A miscut Fish Taco which i layed a Grim Ripper template onto the otherside, this worked nicely and is a fully offset shape all over - twin toe side and quad heel - can be a keel or upright twin.. again slightly more tapered/thinned out toe side and more forgiving heel side (sense a theme here with this?) this one also has a  inset single channel in the nose blending into a concave and a vee double out the back end with vee coming off the heel rail and flat toe side for added responsiveness.

Thanks for reading.. will report more soon..

- HB - 

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