• Best FU Surf Wax
  • Best FU Surf Wax



FU WAX - If you know.. you know...

And just incase you didn't know:

Fu Wax is considered by the surf community too be the best wax in the world.

Fuad Mansur with the help of his brothers and a group of chemists since the 70’s have been making their own wax. After decades of R&D testing and trying their wax everyday, an accident made the perfect formula and the rest is history..  To this day, Fu Wax remains 100% hand-made by Fuad, Tuca, and Guilherme Mansur, who are the only three people in the world that know the secret formula.

Currently all Fu Wax is still produced in Brazil and is still only available in limited numbers..


 - Ultra Sticky

- Skin Packs - no plastic

- Imported from Brazil

  • £7.95