BOS - 5 pack Tail Pad

Introducing the BOS - 5 pack Tail Pad - Superior grip, comfort and style.

- An epic throw back style five piece pad ideal for any performance board, its an extended version of the Tripple Threat Pad with an extra double grip above.

Featuring a double wing outline with beveled corners all too reduce drag, a 5mm arch bar with a higher kick for solid back foot placement, square texture made of marine grade PVC its very sticky and ludicrously soft. tried and tested by our team this has been a favourite for those that like a traditional 5 piece pad, as a pairing note it fits very well with both the GRIM Ripper and the OG


14" x 12"

Protruding Square texture with inverted squares on the top

5mm / 45º - 90º kick tail / 25mm tall

- 3M adhesive backing

- Marine grade PVC

- UV resistant

- Soft yet durable

- Comes packaged in a recycled pizza box - plastic free baby.

  • £35.00