As many of you who have followed my work closely will know i've had a long standing love affair with edge boards which keeps me coming back for more and I've wanted too EDGE a Smooth Mover for a while, - after a particularly fun high tide wedge surf on my 7'10 edge it spurred up enough courage too get back into the bay of dreams and turn a thought into a reality. essentially the smooth mover has in some form a tri-plane kind of bottom shape so i wouldn't have too adjust much too get in the EDGE, template wise i didnt change much either just kept the tail a little wider too accommodate the blending of the edge too roll.. i started with a stringerless 9'3Y from USblanks in Brown density foam, and we ended up with 9'3 x 22 3/4 x 2 7/8 
 Anyhow here's a couple of risqué outdoors shaped piece of foam shots.
i've just got it back from glassing, ride reports pending.


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