Shaping a 11'1 MEGA

Another day another Glider, here's a couple snaps from the shaping bay whist shaping an 11'1 MEGA (Glider) - I've had a lot of glider interest over the last few months, and with the sparseness of glider blanks available, Not many blank manufacture's make blanks 10'8+ let alone have ready availability for them in the UK so its always a true pleasure too shape the really long stuff...

- The MEGA is in fact one of my favourite things to shape: elegant, streamlined, wave slaying machines, with so much rail line you get so much time to think which can be challenging but also super rewarding to shape and too ride.. I try to keep them really refined for maximum versatility, so i run my MEGA with a complex bottom shape that has almost a tri plane bottom shape feel but isn't quite, and then some secret/hidden rocker although they look very flat and some rail transitions that seem wild (lifted nose too down turned tail)..

This one is an 11'1 MEGA for Chris, it has a tapered cedar stringer (3/4" too 1/4), so its fairly unique.. and is soon to be glassed in volan and finished with a nice gloss and polish..

All shot on 35mm by @Sam Randall




For any questions about my MEGA shapes or custom order availability feel free too reach out anytime!



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