TWINzer PIN - 6'10 X 20 1/2 X 2 3/4


6'10 X 20 1/2 X 2 3/4

6 / 6+4 glassing
futures fins system with twinzer side bites
redwood stringer
lilac resin tint top (tapered laps)
Matte sand finish




The Twin pin is a highly refined excitingly fast, fluid channel bottom twin design. It trims well from the middle and turns hard off the tail.. in smaller lengths its a great shortboard alternative and in longer lengths a wonderful midlength, the genesis of the twin pin comes from a variation of my Widowmaker outline but with a more pulled-in nose and tail, but in principal a straighter rail line in the back half with a curvier front third, this is the twinzer pin variation, which is for those that want even more hold and speed without the trackyness of channels.. 

Sizing wise, i make the twin pin from 5'6 up too 9'0 - smaller lengths have a more pocket rocket feel (great tube riders), mid size is my favourite whereas longer lengths tend too have more glide...

  • £675.00