SUNFISH - 6'2 x 22 x 3


6'2 x 22 x 3

6 / 4 + 6 Glassing
Volan Deck Patch
Kelp Resin Tint with ghost logos
Glass on True Ames Ply Fins
matte sand finish
Straight cut tail
Resin leash loop

The fish is often written off as an old fashioned design, but our Sunfish is no such thing. The low rocker and beveled rails at the front have a retro feel to them, but the heavily foiled and refined tail brings the Sunfish right into the 21st century. This is very much a progressive surfboard design.


"Not just your traditional fish"


 I build the Sunfish as either a quad OR a keel fin, the twin is fast and fun in a huge range of surf and brings that traditional fish kinda feel. I recommend either a modern keel design with flat foil fins or our VMKeel fins go bananas in these! If you're more of a power surfer and find you overpower twin fins, the quad set up is the one for you. I recommend the split keel style quad fin set up and template, it still retains the feel of a twin but you're able too push much harder through turns, a nice contrast between speed and hold.

Waves wise, down the line waves are ideal for the sunfish, likewise fun beach break bowls where you can zip in and out. Not really a groveller but will handle lesser conditions with a bit of juice, the double pin tail (swallow tail) will surprise you in bigger more powerful surf.