MINI MEGA - FISH SIMMONS style mini glider.

8'6 x 22 x 3
Tripple DW stringers
Ice Blue tint
Glass on Thruster set
Wet sanded gloss finish
Fiberglass leash loop


A serious board for cross country style surfing - a streamlined outline, rocker and foil usually with a blended vee and subtle concave bottom to harness speed with low rails: forgiving up front and hard in the tail to promote lift and control. Despite the length these are not for beginners, these are a serious challenge too ride, but have a very unique and very addictive feeling.


- Trim with Style -


The fish simmons with the wider tail block its a little more stable and picks up waves with ease, i've played a lot with fin set ups from twins - quad - thruster and i somewhat feel thruster is optimum on this design it feels both fast and nimble, there's a nice sand bottom point not far from the factory where i love too ride my 11'6 where i can glide effortlessly through sections linking up long rides with ease, but i also enjoy riding it a slightly punchier and all but slower beach breaks. All in all the MEGA is a unique and addictive feel which i cant recommend enough.