Midnight Express - 9'6 x 23 x 3


9'6 x 23 x 3

Full VOLAN glassing with Deck and Tail patches
Sea Glass Green Resin tint
1/4" Redwood stringer with 1/4" Red Foam side stringers
10.5" center box white
Gloss & Polish Finish


 The Midnight Express is my go-to traditional single fin log template. 
Featuring a flat entry rocker with a nice tail kick which combined with a narrow underneath extended nose concave running into a rolled vee. Regal on the nose and very fine off the tail, the Midnight Express is the board of choice for anyone looking to dominate in classic logging conditions, it will not disappoint.. Refined and Balanced in all the right places the midnight express is fast through the middle, loose off the tail and holds tight on the nose - very stable, very predictable and very easy to ride, thus making it a great log option for novice riders figuring out the very basics of good logging, but an absolute beauty of a plank for the more advanced rider looking for a super versatile all round traditional single fin log to clock up some time on the nose and turn hard off the tail.

"As good a classic single fin as i've ever ridden." - Mike Lay

  • £1,350.00