SM3 - 9'4 x 22 1/2 x 2 5/8


9'4 x 22 1/2 x 2 5/8

6 / 6 + 6 Glassing
dope lemon resin tint
Tripple stringer with HD red sides and 3/16" Redwood center
10.5" center box
wet sanded gloss finish



 - Designed with all kinds of smoothness in mind, smooth waves, smooth style, smooth lines - all the smoothness at once -hence the name smooth mover - Like many of my boards i run a few variations of bottom shape and rail on one outline/rocker, so we have: 
The Smooth Mover Stage 1 being the more progressive option, it's a challenging but highly rewarding ride, for those able to harness the speed and manoeuvrability of the vee bottom shape. - Where the Smooth Mover stage 2 has concave running underneath  which adds stability to the riding experience as well as lift through noserides but is slightly stiffer through turns.



- Stage 3 (S3) - (new team favourite)

A continued evolution of the SM design, this is the next phase which goes slightly more spaceship - whilst featuring attributes from both the SM1 & SM2 but pushing the design too more extremes, i've moved the wide point back even more and added a bit more hip in the rear 1/3 making it manoeuvrable as they come, it also features a steady but narrow nose concave inside the roll with more roll in the mid and out the back end with a touch of panel vee around the fin, making it nimble and responsive - it will lock into a nose ride with ease and with the slight concave deck / thinned out rail it makes it fizzle with energy from the get go. the whole of our log division have never been so excited about a board as this one, if your up for a log that can only be described as 'ecstatic' the SM3 is the log for you.

  • £1,150.00