As the name hints at this is indeed a 6 channel bottom OG, heavy influences coming from the Al Byrne channel bottoms i saw in surf movies as a grom. 

The 6 channel bottom thruster is something i've played with but never got right until now, my love affair with channels really kicked off a few years back with the twin pin: after building a shit load of twin pins and figuring out more about channel bottoms on that voyage it only seemed fitting too re visit the 6 channel bottom shortboard - Thus the OG seemed like the perfect starting point too expand into this wave SLAYER -

Taking the foundation of the OG which is the drive box too any performance shortboard shape, and altering the bottom contours and outline a touch too essentially create a board thats super loose utilising higher rocker profiles and vee for increased rail rocker lines and then running 6 deep channels in the back end which straightens everything out and makes a tonne of drive is a solid recipe.

comes with 3 glassed on fins.