6 / 6 + 4 Glassing
1/8" dark wood with black glue lines 3/8" off center
Futures set up
Fiberglass Leash Loop
matte sand finish

The fish, sometimes heavily written off as a RETRO design, but please, not even for one second do not confuse the SUNFISH as such a board, the low rocker and beveled rails up front could have a 'retro' kinda lure to them, but the heavily foiled and refined tail means no such thing, this is very much a progressive surfboard..

I run the sun fish with an in-cut bump wing tail template, which while looking a tad strange is highly functional as it reduces the curve between the feet and is a little easier too get on rail. i make the sun fish as both a quad and a keel fin (one or the other, no combo set ups), the twin is very fast and very fun in a huge range of surf and obviously has that traditional fish kinda feel, i recommend either the modern keel fin set or our glass on keel fins.. If your a bit more powerful and find you overpower twin fins the quad set up is the go for you, i recommend the split keel style quad fin set up and template, and nice contrast between speed and hold.

Waves wise, down the line waves are fun on boards on the sunfish like wise fun beach break bowls where you can zip in and out, not really a 'groveller' but will handle lesser conditions with a bit of juice, or the double pin tail (swallow tail) will surprise you in bigger more powerful surf.