MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (Sleeping Policeman) - 9'8 x 23 1/2 x 3 3/8



9'8 x 23 1/2 x 3 3/8

10oz volan bottom with fin patch, with double 6oz S-glass deck
2" balsa stringer
10.5" center box
fiberglass leash loop
Matte sand finish

"All aboard the Midnight Express, get your toes too 12 o'clock and your locked and loaded on a one way ticket too new levels of nose riding sensations"

'SLEEPING POLICEMAN'  A double step deck design for responsive turns and unparalleled lift by reducing volume and increasing flex, paired with a wide square tail make for an unbeatable nose rider, summer wouldn't be the same for me without one of these in my quiver, if your up for something a little different this is one.


My go-to traditional single fin log template.  Refined and Balanced the midnight express is fast through the middle, loose off the tail and holds tight on the nose - very stable, very predictable and very easy to ride, thus making it great for novice riders figuring out how to cross step and trim, but also a beauty of a log for the more advanced rider looking to clock up some time on the nose and turn hard off the tail. We build the Midnight Express with either a classic pin tail or a square tail - wide for the noseride or pulled in for those that want a little more versatility.
- Featuring a flat entry rocker with a nice tail kick and underneath we have a narrow extended nose concave running into a rolled vee. Regal on the nose and very fine off the tail, the Midnight Express is the board of choice for anyone looking to dominate in classic logging conditions.