MIDNIGHT EXPRESS - 9'10 x 23 5/8 x 3 1/8



9'10 x 23 5/8 x 3 1/8

6 / 6 + 6 Glassing
Ply stringer
Black resin tint with resin comp band
10.5" center box
fiberglass leash loop
gloss & polish finish

"All aboard the Midnight Express, get your toes too 12 o'clock and your locked and loaded on a one way ticket too new levels of nose riding sensations"

My go-to traditional single fin log template.  Refined and Balanced the midnight express is fast through the middle, loose off the tail and holds tight on the nose - very stable, very predictable and very easy to ride, thus making it great for novice riders figuring out how to cross step and trim, but also a beauty of a log for the more advanced rider looking to clock up some time on the nose and turn hard off the tail. We build the Midnight Express with either a classic pin tail or a square tail - wide for the noseride or pulled in for those that want a little more versatility.
- Featuring a flat entry rocker with a nice tail kick and underneath we have a narrow extended nose concave running into a rolled vee. Regal on the nose and very fine off the tail, the Midnight Express is the board of choice for anyone looking to dominate in classic logging conditions.

  • £975.00
  • £1,175.00