SM2 - 9'4 X 22 7/8 X 2 7/8


9'4 X 22 7/8 X 2 7/8

6 / 6 + 6 VOLAN Glassing
Ice Green resin tint
Triple stringer with wedge center for enhanced nose flex
10.5" center box
fiberglass leash loop
wet sanded gloss


 - Designed with all kinds of smoothness in mind, smooth waves, smooth style, smooth lines - all the smoothness at once -hence the name smooth mover - Like many of my boards i run a few variations of bottom shape and rail on one outline/rocker, so we have: 
The Smooth Mover Stage 1 being the more progressive option, it's a challenging but highly rewarding ride, for those able to harness the speed and manoeuvrability of the vee bottom shape. - Where the Smooth Mover stage 2 has concave running underneath  which adds stability to the riding experience as well as lift through noserides but is slightly stiffer through turns.



- Stage 2 (SM2) - (our most popular)

An evolution of the S1 but heading in a slightly different direction. For those that like the S1 outline/rocker, look/feel but can't get behind the vee bottom, the S2 shares many aspects but has a pronounced concave from nose to fin rather than vee. This is probably our most popular progressive longboard model being a super versatile allround single fin log for UK waves.